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White German ShepherdsWhite German shepherd dog got their origin from Germany. This breed was acknowledged by AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB on April 14, 1999.

Some people think of them as albino dogs but these are not albino. Albino dogs have a light skin color and they have red or pink eyes. Their hair coat has no color.

White German shepherd dogs are nicer and calmer. These are sweethearts and also protect your family by alerting you. These have a lot of quality traits. These also have a strong and good personality.

A Quick Overview Of White German Shepherd

  • Velvety texture and softer
  • Tranquil
  • Happy dogs
  • Perceptive
  • Companionship
  • Sincerity
  • These have a nicer temperament.
  • These are friendly dogs. These are not aggressive dogs so these don’t come in the guarding dog’s category.
  • These are not used as defense dogs but when necessary they can come into the fighting stance.
  • These also need a great training of socializing and interactive exercises.
  • This is a brainy and cunning breed so don’t need any brain exercises. Their mental powers are already polished.
  • They use the weapon of whimpering, mumbling and whining to talk to you and to grab your attention.
  • These dogs are slightly stubborn.
  • Daily exercises are crucial for these as they become bored and started fussing around and whining.
  • White GSD has a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.
  • White german shepherds have both hair coats long and short.

Weight And Height

The average weight of adults white german shepherd is about 70 pounds. It may be weighed 60 pounds to  85 pounds depends on its health and fitness.

At adultery, a male shepherd is bigger in size and weight than a female shepherd.

The average height of an adults white GSD from the shoulder is generally 24inch. It can be 22 to 26 depends on circumstances.

Again here male adults are higher than female adults.

White German shepherdThese are beautiful dogs that make you proud parents.

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How Long They Live

White german shepherd does not have a long life like the tortoise. But they have a good lifespan.

They have a lifetime about 10 to 14 years. But there is no solid proof of their lifespan. It may shorter or longer depends on their lifestyle and health.

White German Shepherd Puppies

White German shepherd puppies are also beautiful. These are more like a ball of snow in your hands.

It’s not necessary that two solid white german shepherds can yield a white German shepherd puppy but parents of different colors can also sometimes give birth to white German shepherd puppy.

Also, a Solid white GSD can give birth to standard German shepherds having the color other than white.

White GSD is mainly solid white but some may have slightly cream or vanilla color but this is not something strange.

After the puppy is born its weight becomes twice in a week. The puppy reaches maturity level and adulthood between the ages of 18 to 24 months.

A white German shepherd baby when fully grown up has height and weight 70 times more than that on birth.

White German Shepherd Puppies

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White German Shepherds Breeders

When it comes to breeders AKC breeders are the best of all. These give you your desired dog without any faults.

There are many pet stores, sites, foreign people and other sources that offer you white German shepherd dogs but you have to buy them from a trustworthy breeder.


You have to make sure that the dealing is not false and the dog is healthy and active.

Some breeders replace the original dog and give you another one. It’s not easy to get a dog but it is not also too difficult.

You just have to make sure that the breeder is reliable. You can also confirm this from your country’s or city’s German shepherd dog center.

White German Shepherd Breeders

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Exercise And Activities

White german shepherd is very active and energetic dogs. To get a maximum outcome from this dog its need regular exercise.

Generally, dog owners exercise with their dogs by doing a daily walk, jogging, hiking, playing etc. Besides they go to dogs gym or exercise center and training them.

The white GSD helps you in your daily exercise and workout. They give a good company in your outdoor exercise.

They are very active in playing cricket, football and many other games.

Since they are highly energetic you need to help them for burning extra energy with exercise.

Otherwise, they become frustrated and bored. As a result, it becomes restless and makes a mess with your furniture, clothes, shoes etc.

Living Condition

You can keep them the indoor or outdoor house. They are comfortable for both places. They feel comfortable to have their own place.

If you keep them outdoor then you should have provided regular exercise and your interaction with them.

The doghouse needs to be large enough as they can move easily in the house. You also need to provide enough fresh water to prevent dehydration of them.

They are very interactive with the human. If you keep them the outdoor house and don’t interact with them regularly they maybe become lonely or aggressive or worse etc.

To prevent those symptoms keep regular interaction and give enough time to them.

Long Haired White German Shepherd

Generally, a white GSD is rare. It is rarer to find a long-haired white german shepherd. This long-haired white GSD genetically has some disadvantage.

The main disadvantage of this type of dogs is its skin. The skin is not waterproofed. They don’t have insulated undercoat.

They can not keep their body warm in winter as a result of missing insulated undercoat. For this, they are not able to travel outdoor so long during winter.

At winter you can’t keep them outside for a long time. They can not keep their body cool for a long time because of the absent of insulated undercoat.

In rainy season you have to keep them away from the rain. You also need to be careful when you give it a bath. Do not take a long time for the bath.

Actually you this type dog is suitable for indoor. You need to take extra care during rain, very cold or very hot weather.

Normally the missing insulated undercoat does not cause much problem. Only you need to be careful.

Short Haired White German Shepherd

Short haired white GSD is common in white shepherd dog.

They are not like long haired one. They insulated undercoat which helps them to survive in hot and cold wheater.

They are very hard working. They are used in both outdoor and indoor work. They are generally used to work for the police, military, gardening etc.

Short haired WGD are favorite to a farmer as they can survive any weather. It helps them a lot by giving a company to work.

General Health Issues

White German shepherds also have the same health issue as other GSD have. Hip and elbow dysplasia are very general health concerns in white GSD.

They also could suffer from allergies,  eye diseases, spine disease. Here are some common health issues that white GSD suffer from :

  1. Hip and elbow dysplasia
  2. Eczema
  3. Heart disease
  4. Hemophilia
  5. Panosteitis
  6. Idiopathic epilepsy
  7. Hock Walking
  8. Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
  9. Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus
  10. Degenerative Myelopathy

Health Solution

Some of the health issues are genetic like hip and elbow dysplasia, heart disease and Degenerative Myelopathy.

Those can be inherited if both parents are certified for not having any of those diseases. If so they have a little risk of this disease. Otherwise, they have a risk of developing those disease.

The other health issues can be solved totally or half. It depends on how you are raising them. With proper care and medication, all of the health issues can be solved.

White German Shepherd Price

White GSD is beautiful, energetic and loveable dogs. These make your day just by giving you a morning kiss.

These love to be around you. Many people also like them because of their color.

These are beautiful dogs that look extremely beautiful while sitting or playing in the green grass.

This is an active breed.

These like to move around a lot and are good at playing Frisbee and bring the ball game. This makes them popular among kids.

Parents like seeing their kids playing with these dogs so they bought these to surprise them and end their boredom.

White German shepherd puppies cost

U$400 TO $ 2500

You can get discount of $50 to $200

When the dog is aged or came from a rescue center.

White German Shepherd Price

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White German Shepherd Sale

White GSD sale depends on the factors like,

  • Number of people liking this breed
  • Hair coat qualities
  • Eye color also plays a role as some people need dogs with specific eye color
  • It is also dependent on the breeders
  • Price of dog breeds is also an important factor as all the people cannot afford to have expensive dogs
White German shepherd is a breed liked and adored by many people. Few people may not like them due to their color but these are loved by most of the people.

These make them happy as these have a better temperament and calm nature than other German shepherd dogs.

White German Shepherd Sale

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White German Shepherds With Blue Eyes; A Rare Trait

White German shepherd dogs having blue eyes color is really rare. It’s not that all the white GSD have to attract blue eyes but some have blue eyes but the ones that have this eye color are the most attractive dogs in this breed.

Blue is the color of water and sky. It attracts you towards itself and you feel yourself drowning. This not only happens in humans but also in dogs.

Blue eye color is also because of recessive genes. Maybe the ancestors have blue eyes and this trait then descended in the new generation but in recessive form.

Some white german shepherds have one blue eye and some have both blue colored eyes.

Sometimes, the blue color changes to brown, golden or orangey.

Blue eyes are also seen in Panda german shepherds (german shepherds having bizarre or strange color).

Some Siberian husky also has blue eyes that are the reason why white German shepherd husky mix sometimes have blue eyes.

Altogether white german shepherds can have blue eyes but it happens rarely.

White German Shepherds

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White German Shepherd Husky Mix

White GSD is present in many varieties. These basically came into existence by the mating of dogs of different breeds.

These have the combination of qualities of both the dog breeds. These are usually smarter than white GSD as these also have the mental power and intelligence of Siberian husky.

White German shepherd husky mix resulted by the cross between a white GSD and Siberian husky dog.

  • These are also known as BERBERIAN SHEPSKY and GERMAN HUSKY.
  • These are glamorous dogs with a great body and tremendous intellectual.
  • These dogs fall into the category of working dogs so need a lot of training and exercises.
  • These dogs are fastidious.
  • These sometimes have attractive and sharp blue eyes which are rare but makes people may higher amount than usual.
  • Their length varies from 24 to 26 inches.
  • Their weight ranges from 45 to 88 lbs.
  • These have a double hair coat which makes them look more beautiful.
  • White German shepherd husky mix breed is expensive. The price of one puppy ranges from

U$ 350 to $ 850

  • These are charming dogs that anyone can love and adore.

White German Shepherd Husky Mix


White German shepherd are beautiful dogs that make you feel happy and look beautiful in your house. Like other dogs, this breed also sheds hair and needs grooming. This beautiful can make you forget all your worries so why not get one.

Like other dogs, this breed also sheds hair and needs grooming. This beautiful can make you forget all your worries so why not get one.

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