Tramadol For Dogs – Can Dogs Get Addicted To Tramadol?

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Dogs are active and lively animals that are loved by people and often live with them as their pet.

People also love them for their naughty and adorable habits and activities.

These creatures are so cute that you can’t help but love them, care for them.

You love to see them wiggling their tails and playing around. They often got tangled in different things and love to be dirty.

Sometimes due to some general and specific reasons, they feel pain. They endure the pain but they don’t wiggle or play around.

They curl up in a ball and whimper. You can’t see them in such a state so you try your best to relief their pain.

You can give your dog painkillers or pain reliever as it can soothe it and aids in lessening the pain. So, your dog gets active and playful again. There are many analgesics in the pharmacies so you have to be careful of the tablet you are going to give your dog.

TRAMADOL is also an analgesic and it helps in easing the pain.

  • Its formula is C16H25NO
  • It is a non-tranquilizer.
  • It is also a mild sedative.
  • It reduces the pain too much degree.

Doctors often recommend TRAMADOL for pain-relieving to humans. Today we will discuss the answer to this question in this article.

Can Dogs Take Tramadol?

Tramadol is an effective pain reliever. And the question that can it be given to your pet dog or not is

YES, you can surely give your dog this tranquilizer to ease pain and feel more comfortable. It is effective drug and you can give your pet dog as your dog will feel relief after taking this medicine.

Tramadol For Dogs

Tramadol Dosage for Dogs

The next important issue is the dosage of TRAMADOL which should be given to dogs.

Always confirm the dosage of TRAMADOL with the vet.

As it will aid you but the pet owner knows it’s pet the most, even better than a vet. He can tell about its mood just by looking at it.

But for your assistance, it is the dose that your dog should take,

  • 5 mg per pound of your dog weight
  • For bigger dogs, it may be
  • 8 mg per pound of weight
  • Every 8 to 12 hours
  • 1-5 mg per kilogram weight of the dog
For instance,20 kilograms weighed dog can take 20-100 mg of medicine’s dose

20 kilogram weighed dog can take 20-100 mg of medicine’s dose.

Tramadol Dosage For Dogs

Is It Safe For Dogs To Take Tramadol?

  • YES, it is safe for your pet dog as DOGS CAN TAKE TRAMADOL.
  • The dose of TRAMADOL should be consulted with the vet doctor.
  • It should not be given in higher amounts to diseased dogs.
  • Until your dog shows any negative sign you can give it TRAMADOL as it will only help him.

And he will feel more peaceful and relieved after taking them.

Is It Safe For Dogs To Take Tramadol

Alternatives to Tramadol

TRAMADOL is an amazing and affecting drug but in case you can’t get it or your dogs can’t ingest it. Then, you can obviously give them some safe and sound drugs.

  • Ultram
  • Ralvia
  • Dromodol
  • Flexpet

These are also effective medicines which help your dog to get relaxed, soothes it your dogs.

Flexpet contains cetyl myristoleate. It cures joints and lessens pain in a week.

Can Dogs Get Addicted To Tramadol?

TRAMADOL for dogs is good but some pet owners are worried about the question that can dog get addicted to TRAMADOL.  Pet owners there is no need to be get worried or frustrated about this point because dogs don’t get addicted to it. After the accusation of FDA, It was researched and it was confirmed that the chances of dogs getting addicted to it have reduced to the minimum.

Can Dogs Get Addicted To Tramadol

Benefits of Tramadol For Dogs

TRAMADOL is a non-narcotic drug and it benefits your dog in many ways.

  • It eases the pain of caused by bee stings.
  • Arthritis
  • Pain in joints
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Pain during cancer
  • Diminishes depression
  • Pain caused by severe injuries
  • Relieves cough seizures
  • Pain related to teeth and mouth
TRAMADOL also aids dogs to ease anxiety and because of its enormous benefits it is advantageous for your dog.

Benefits of Tramadol

Side Effects of Tramadol

TRAMADOL is no doubt an awesome drug which benefits your pet dog and also eases your tension.

This drug also has some side effects

Some of these are common but some become severe so if these appear to lessen the dose or discuss its condition with the vet.

  • Stomach problems
  • Vision haziness
  • A lot of sleep
  • Lethargy
  • Constipation
  • Abnormal Breathing rate
  • Seizures
  • Bruises on skin
  • Decelerate heartbeats

These are the side effects of this drug but the most important side effect is

  • Seduction

This is caused because this drug is like morphine and can cause your dog to be got in this mess. So, have to be careful about your dog while it is taking this drug.

Side Effects of Tramadol


  • It is an analgesic and helps your pet dog a lot.
  • It effectively reduces the pain but it has many side effects so before giving it to your pooch, must discuss it with your vet.
  • He will give you the most beneficial advice.
  • It is often given to old dogs for relieving joint pain.
  • It must not be given to pregnant and nursing dogs.

Precautions - Tramadol For Dogs


In altogether, TRAMADOL FOR DOGS is advantageous for them until the dosage is increased to the limit that will harm them.


Can Dogs Take Tramadol?

Yes, they can and it eases their pain. They feel comfortable and your tension also disappears into thin air.


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