Petsafe Wireless Fence Reviews – [Don’t Buy Until Read This!]

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Freedom is compromised when we confined our pet dog or cat indoor, the sad sensitive poor face of our companion dog  makes us sad too. This petsafe wireless fence review will help you to take the decision for eliminating their pain.

Often the freedom is compromised due to the danger can happen anytime if we let them move freely outside. You want to set your pet free and you somehow can’t manage to fence the area, I have a solution for you.

I got a box of happiness for you and your dog to taste the freedom of free moving anywhere! Anywhere means anywhere, in your house in any camp or any tour.

Just keep the pet safe wireless fence with you. You will not need to supervise 24/7 your dog so it will reduce your stress.

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Full Review Of PetSafe Wireless Fence

Product Specification:

  • Brand: PetSafe
  • Weight12.8 ounces
  • ModelPIF-300
  • You can use it for a lot of dogs altogether
  • The collar is waterproof and has five levels of correction and the mode is tone-only
  • It covers a half acre of land in circular diameter.
  • You can mount the receiver on the wall
  • The product is mobile can be taken anywhere you go

Whom is this product for?

This product is for anyone who got for a furry friend like a dog in their home. This product will let your dog enjoy outdoor and they will be healthy as well.

  • If anyone is tired of managing couples of dog, they can also go for it. It can manage a number of dogs at the same time. Just train your dog and let them enjoy outdoor.
  • A person with a physical disability can get great help from it if s/he got dogs.
  • If one can’t stay home whole day but don’t want to keep the dog confined inside the home, s/he can get a great relief from this product.

Features and Benefits

  • By the product name now it is not ambiguous to understand that it is safe for the pet, as well as it is mobile. Automatic shut-off for safety, so don’t need to worry so much about safety.
  • This wireless dog fence is easy to install. It is an adjustable waterproof receiver collar that can fit up to 8 pounds on companion animals. This unit is compatible with all outlets of the US 120V and should not be used with the international voltage of 220V.
  • You can install Instant Fence by just plug in cord, no additional thing required. It’s super easy. Instant Fence generates a “stay zone” by continuous radio signal. He receives a mild correction when your pet leaves the area.
  • Waterproof collars offer 5 static correction levels based on your dog’s behavior.
  • It covers a circular area up to a half acre, it does not provide rectangular coverage.
  • Additional transmitters can be installed if you want to cover more area.

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Pros and Cons


The main concern of having a pet is to ensure the safety and security, Petsafe wireless fence genuinely confirms that.  A lot of benefits are also it has got some of them I am letting you know here-

  • Wireless System- As it got no wire it enables a great opportunity of mobility, you can take it anywhere you want.
  • Super easy installation- To install only you just have to plug in the transmission device and mount it on a wall, you are done. Go train your dog and enjoy watching your companion pet play in outdoor.
  • Large Coverage- This device covers up to half acre circular area, and that can also be increased by adding more device.
  • Waterproof Collar- Snow, rain, mud nothing will interrupt the transmission of the signal as the collar is waterproof.

Having a lot of benefits there are a few cons this product has, though there I see no major flaws in it. Whatever let’s have a look at the cons.

  • Not everyone owns a medium to a small dog. There are a lot of people who got a large dog but unfortunately, this product is not for pet up to 8 pounds.


Can I use it with more than one pet?

Of course, you can, you just have to purchase an additional collar for each pet. You can purchase that from online or contact their customer care center.

Can I use it for a cat?

If the cat is comfortable with the collar or if the collar fits the cat you can use it on a cat.

Can I use it for a high tempered dog?

It is not recommended. If you want it, please consult with a vet.

What is the best age to start training with this device?

Four to six month is the best age for starting training with this device, make sure that s/he got the basic understanding of sit and stand.

What is the best place to install the transmitter?

The first thing is it is not recommended to install it on the floor, keep it at least 2-4 feet above from floor. Make sure there is no metal object three feet around the transmitter. The spot should be dry and well ventilated. The temperature of the area should not drop below the freezing level.

How to use the Test Light Tool to test the collar?

The test light tool is for checking whether the color is working properly or not. Keep the tool close the contact points. Activate the collar. If the collar is working the tool will light up.

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Animals are born to be a wild, hunt and enjoy outdoor. No matter how much comfortable you have made their life by good food and toys they got the urge to go out always. About one of three dogs are reported to be lost in the US. The number is really big whereas no one wants to lose their loving pet.

As I said urge, “a dog will be a dog”, they will find a way to go outdoors. Thus the risk gets higher of losing a pet. I guess after reading petsafe wireless fence reviews you don’t need to think twice about the safety and security of your dog. Buy one and get your furry companion trained with this device.

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