9 Things About Long Haired German Shepherds; Undercoat Present Or Not?

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Wolf FamilyGerman shepherd dogs are popular and intelligent dogs.  There are many varieties and breeds of them. Long haired German shepherds are one of these breeds.

German shepherd dogs are 4 types depending on the coat length and presence of undercoat.

  • There are 2 varieties of short hair coat depending on the presence and absence of undercoat.
  • There are 2 kinds of German shepherds having long hair coats also dependent on the presence and absence of undercoat.

The German shepherds having undercoat have the quality of insulation, protection and the one without undercoat lack of protection and insulation. These look more shiner and smoother.

  • All have the velvety and feathery appearance. They have more hairs at the ear area and also on the tail.
  • These also take part in dog shows held in the USA and Germany.
  • These come in many colors like tan, black, brown, red and blue.
  • These also shed hair and they shed a lot but as they have long haired coat their hairs get trapped in them and you don’t have to do a lot of cleaning.
  • There is a time in the spring season when they change their hair coat.
  • These need the bath once or twice in a month but they need slightly more grooming than other German shepherd dogs. Their teeth and ears should also be cleaned.
  • These have a lifetime of 10 to 13 years.

Long Haired German Shepherds Puppies

Puppies all are cute and loveable but the ones with long, silky and soft hair look more adorable. You love to play and tease them.

These if given early good interacting and socializing training become your best friends. These are not guarding but they can recognize sounds and voices at the doorstep of your house.

These can alert you by moving around you or making little sounds. They are cute, swift and sturdy.

You can trust them and let them play with your family members and kids. It is easy to teach them how to respect elders.

You should give them time to observing and accepting its new surroundings. These can make your day beautiful.

They are sincere and loyal to you and your family. A long-haired German shepherd puppy reaches its full height at the age of 9 months.

Long Haired German Shepherds Puppies

German Shepherds Long Hair Breeders

Long-haired German shepherds are cool and active dogs that are desired by many people all over the world.

These are bought and sell by many people. You often get such offers on the internet and also by different people. Beware of fraud dealers and sites.

Always buy your dog from registered and recognized breeders. Most of the active and healthy puppies come from breeders.

You can also get them from animal protection centers and rescue centers.

AKC (American Kennel Club) is well known and you can get a dog of your own choice and desire. It is a trustworthy place. For assurance, you can meet the breeder in person.

A good and responsible breeder will show the desire to meet you in person. He will make sure that you will take good care of the puppy.

You could also get surety from the German shepherd’s original club of your state or city.

You can also surprise your kids by giving them long haired german puppies on Christmas or on their birthday parties. They will love it.

Long Haired German Shepherds Breeders

Long Haired German Shepherds Price

Long haired german shepherds are beautiful, cunning and intelligent dogs. These are usually high priced because of their excellent defending traits, beautiful hair coat.

The price can vary as it is also dependent on the dealer and also at the age of the dog.

The cost of the standard German shepherd is,

U$300 TO $2500

Long Haired German Shepherds Price

Long haired German shepherd costs

U$400 and above

You could also get the discount on the basis of puppy’s age more likely if it is adult or came from rescue centers.

Long Haired German Shepherd Pictures; Adorable And Beautiful

Long haired german shepherds are beautiful and attractive dogs. There long and silky hair coat makes them more charming.

These dogs are nice and loyal. These are some adorable pictures of long haired german shepherds.

Long Haired German Shepherd Pictures

Long Haired German Shepherd Pictures 2

Long Haired German Shepherd Pictures 3

Long Haired German Shepherds Rescue

Long haired german shepherds are rescued from different people and situations. Sometimes, there are disasters and family problems that make such dogs homeless and helpless.

These are loyal and beautiful dogs but some people abuse and beat them. So, dogs rescue centers workers take them away from such owner’s.

And then they strive for giving them a nice and welcoming home with warm-hearted people.

Rescue dogs are more sensitive than others as they have gone through many troubles and tortures. Such dogs are given to the most trustworthy people.

Long Haired German Shepherds Rescue

Long Haired German Shepherd Temperament

Long haired German shepherds are known to have nicer and fairly good temperament than other standard german shepherds.

These have many beautiful and praiseworthy qualities. These have friendly nature; you can become their friends easily.

Their sincerity cannot be questioned; these are loyal dogs and protect your family. Their temperament is dependent on the socializing and interacting training.

It also depends on the environment and people around them. These are also obedient; you don’t encounter severe problems while dealing with them.

Long haired german shepherds are enthusiastic dogs. These like to be around the family members; most likely indoor dogs.

These also are protective of their owner and family members.

The long-haired German shepherd has a loyal and cooperative nature. People having this breed are proud pet parents.

Long Haired German Shepherd Temperament

Are German Shepherd Part Of The Wolf Family

Dogs are said to have evolved from wolves. People believe that in early age wolves were lethal but as time passed they started to come close to humans.

They started to live together. They developed a relationship acknowledged as mutualism. Evolution is a process in which living organisms change their physical appearance and also their mental strategies.

It is believed that dogs have evolved from wolves. It’s not that wolves have ended in this world but due to changes and mutations, some of them acquired the form of dogs.

This belief also came into existence because of the resemblance in their physical features other than the fossil records.

Dogs and wolves may look alike but they differ in many features like behavior and diet. There are 8 to 9 dogs that show close resemblance with wolves.

2 dogs are the most closely; Siberian husky and German shepherd.

German shepherd and wolves resemble in 3 characteristics the most. These are,

  • Coat color
  • Height
  • Weight
This is the reason that it is believed that German shepherds belong to the family of the wolf but it could be said that they are distinct relatives.

Wolf Family


A long-haired German shepherd is a loyal and responsible dog. You will love them in your house. You can leave them with your family members.

Your kids also like to play with them as these have a playful nature. These are active dogs and love to play around.

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