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Today, pet lovers are overwhelmed by the thought of having an English bulldog in the house until they forget to think of what it takes to take care of these lovable dogs. While some dogs have everyday needs, some of them have various needs. With that in mind, as you decide to buy a bulldog, you need to take time and learn what it takes to take care of such a dog to make his stay at home a worthy one. In this blog, we will give you free English bulldog tips and advice that involves taking care of your favorite pet. Read on for more!

  1. Preparing ahead of time

You cannot wake up one day and decide to go and buy a pet that same day. You need to plan to make sure that all the necessary supplies that you will need to take care of your pet are in place. Things like sleeping location, toys, dishes, treats, leash, training collar, etc are the basic things that need to be ready before your dog gets to your home.

Also, if you are bringing home a pet to house train him; make sure you keep things like magazines to help keep your house clean since before you train your dog, he may turn your house into something else. That is why it is advisable to buy an English bulldog from a dependable pet breeder that house trains your dog.

By preparing ahead of time, you will have a quiet time once you bring in the new pet into your home.

  1. English bulldog care/ Bulldog grooming

Caring for an English bulldog breed can be time-consuming. The reason is that these dogs are prone to skin infections and dental problems. For this reason, you need to check the dog’s mouth on a daily basis, check for sign of tooth decay or foul smells that indicates tooth or gum problems.  

With such a dog breed, you need to make regular visual inspection on your dog’s neck folds, facial folds as well as the folds around his tail base. Wipe off any debris or dust using damp cotton wool. In case your dog has a screwed tail you still need to clean it daily as well. By so doing, you will lower the chances of nasty skin infections. English bulldogs have low maintenance coats that require a brief brush once a week.

Due to their short fur, smooth and straight with no curling and feathering in it, you can effectively manage it with a normal dog brush.

  1. Bulldog training

Training a bulldog is very interesting. Unlike other dog breeds, bulldogs respond very well to positive reinforcement training methods. These dogs are strong-willed dogs, and this makes it easier to motivate them with treats during advanced dog training.

These dogs are very intelligent and love learning and since they cannot cope with physical exercises, keeping their minds occupied is very important.

Whether you want to potty train a bulldog puppy or teach them obedience, these dogs aren’t hard to train. All you need is to use the right techniques to get the best results.

  1. Socialization

Bulldogs are social dogs they love being around people and most especially children. While close supervision is proper when the dog is with children, you can be sure that both the dog and the kids will get along just fine.

Socializing with a range of people, locations, and other dogs helps your dog to get that inner confidence wherever he goes. Always make sure that your dog has a positive experience when around other dogs so that he can gain familiarity with different types of pets like cats and pigeons.

If your dog is used to being around other dogs, he is more likely to maintain that bond even after many years. You will barely hear him bark simply because he saw your cat or a neighbor’s dog pass by.

Well, there you have it. If looking forward to purchasing an English bulldog, you now understand what it takes to take care of them and what to expect. Follow the above tips and advice and get a happy and healthy dog!