Dogs That Don’t Shed – Popular Dog Breed For Non Shedding Dog’s

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HavaneseDogs are the loyal and cute creatures that become best friends with their owners. A Dog’s heart is full of kindness and love. Some people like Dogs That Don’t Shed some them like the shed.

Dogs body is covered with hairs that make them look more beautiful and cute. Some have short and some have long hairs.

But a time comes when it shed its hairs a lot. Some people prefer dogs as their pets which do not shed hair. They don’t like to see dog hairs all around them so they go for Dogs that don’t Shed.

It may sound unbelievable and impossible but there are some breeds of the dogs that don’t shed hairs at all.

Here is a list of Dogs that don’t shed.

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Dogs That Don’t Shed

Dogs are creatures with varied characteristics. Although it seems impossible there are also some breeds of dogs that don’t shed hair.

Some shed hair to a little extent and some doesn’t shed at all. Some people like to own dog as their pets but they don’t like to see hairs all around.

Such people buy such dogs even if they have to pay their extra price.

Following are some dog breeds that don’t shed hair.

Dogs That Don't Shed

Australian Silky Terrier

This breed gets its origin from Great Britain and was developed in Australia.

  • It was used to call Sydney terrier.
  • It is also called silky terrier in North America.
  • Australian silky terrier has a small stature.
  • Its legs are short in length.
  • These are placed in the group of toy terrier.
  • They have a hard coat which counters physical mating.
  • It’s double hair coat is water resistant and prevents filth.
  • It sheds little hair and is insulating nature.
  • The hair coat is hypoallergenic.

Australian Silky Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Dog

This breed got it origin from the north England more specifically Yorkshire.

In early British ages, Yorkshire terrier was rat chasers. British trained these Yorkshire terriers to hunt rats in wood factories and clothing mills.

Yorkshire terrier is very feisty and energetic breed.

These are placed in the toy group of terrier dogs.

These have a cute nickname yorkie.

Their hair coat is glowing, smooth, soft. The hair is straight.

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The coat color can be varied. It may be of chocolaty, black or grey in appearance.

It sheds hair only when its hair coat is brushed or when it’s taking bath.

Regular brushing is necessary.

To prevent the breakage of their beautiful hair coat apply coat oil and cover it using tissue paper or plastic.

It need stop bath weekly. Walking and running is one of their favorite activities of this breed.

They shed little to none despite all those long hairs. Their Hair coat is also Hypoallergenic.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog


Schnauzer has been heroes of the past. These dogs were serving the community in their way.

These dogs have been police dogs, watch dogs, guard dogs, search dogs and detection dogs for many years.

Schnauzers always have been a powerful breed.

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There are two types of categories of the Schnauzers.
  • Miniature
  • Standard
Both have high energy level. Have a sincerity and companionship. These have a double layered hair coat.

Its outer layer has wire like hairs whereas the beneath layer is soft and smooth.

It is combed three times a week. It sheds hair hardly. Schnauzer loyal nature gives them extra points.

In the dry season, they might shed a little. Their coat is hypoallergenic.



This breed was basically originated for Cuban aristocrats

  • It has nickname Velcro dog.
  • This breed is fiery, amicable and has an energetic way of talking.
  • It is placed in the toy group.
  • It has the tendency to stay together with its owner.
  • It has a double coat of silky, smooth and delicate beautiful hair.
  • Its hair coat is thick. Hair can be straight or curly.
  • Its hair coat needs regular brushing and occasional trimming.
  • It sheds hair hard. It is hypoallergenic.


Brussels Griffon

Brussels griffon is high priced dogs in the world as they have been the spotlight of movies in the past.

Brussels starred in as well as it gets with Jack Nicholson. The Brussels have been well known for their watchdog ability. Plus this breed is very friendly and loyal.

This breed gets it origin from Brussels, Belgium.

This breed doesn’t shed at all.

This breed has hair coats of two types.

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Rough and smooth hair coat; rough coat hardly sheds hair whereas smooth coated dogs shed hair sometimes.

Their hair coat needs regular brushing. Their bonding ability can’t be found in any other breed.

The bonding specialty, when a family meets Brussels they immediately adapt it. This ability makes Brussels one of the best human understanding breed. The hair coat is hypoallergenic.

Brussels Griffon

Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan terrier originated from Tibet and resembles terrier group. It is here because they do shed but minimal.

Tibetan terrier coat is smooth and silk, and it shines when it is washed. Most of the owners of Tibetan terrier comb their coat daily.

This breed is so shaggy that it needs dressing every third day of the week. Teenage girls have a special spot for them in the heart because Tibetan Terrier is very fluffy.

Their coats help them in enduring temperature even to -50 degree.

Their fluffy coat is admired all around the world.

Tibetan terrier has the vast history with monks and nomadic people.

Tibetan terrier used to be companions with monks on their journey.

Nomadic people used Tibetan terrier as guard dogs.

Tibetan Terrier

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Maltese Terrier

White silky hair coat and jolly playful nature is all about Maltese terrier. This breed is so beautiful that people with dog phobia tend to like this breed a lot.

This breed will run from corner to corner of the ground and won’t get tired.

Visually one would think that this breed sheds a lot but there shedding is too less.

You won’t find a single hair on your couch or the clothes.

Their name in past was Roman ladies dogs.

Maltese terrier used to catch rodents in the past.

They visually look so innocent but they are intelligent dogs.

Maltese Terrier

Shih Tzu

  • Shih Tzu is a dog with the appearance of an old uncle with long mustaches.
  • Their visual appearance is similar to some of the terrier breeds.
  • Shih Tzu word originated from the Chinese meaning lion dog.
  • This dog breed was bred to keep the ancient history intact.
  • This breed resembles a lion in the past.
  • They have a furry coat that doesn’t shed at all.
  • Their hair only falls when the owners comb them.
  • Their coat is combed regularly. Their coat is hypoallergenic.

Shih Tzu


Many other dog breeds also don’t shed. There are many varieties of such dogs so you can get a non shedding dog of your own taste and choice.

After reading this article, many people will come to know that there are such breeds of Dogs that Don’t shed.

If someone tells you or gives you information on this topic you better listen if you want such dog.

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