Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds In The World

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When we talk about the cutest dog breeds in the world there are many qualities we can consider. Those are named as audacious, courageous, faithful, affectionate, loyal. Today we are writing about the Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds In The World. They are perfect and have something that differentiates them from others. The adorableness on them is very excessive. They are so tender that just by seeing them you will want to hug them and take them home.

List Of Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds In The World

10. Shar PEI:

At number 10 of our cutest dog breeds is the Shar PEI.

It has wrinkles everywhere and you must admit there is no one who carries wrinkles better than the Shar Pei.

It’s so tender that we know that if you had to choose between hugging a Shar Pei or a cute and chubby baby we’ll be ready to console the baby.

Because it is a fact that you would rush towards our canine friend to fill him with love and affection.

Results of the score Shar Pei one baby zero and it’s no surprise. It’s almost infinite wrinkles can only be compared with the unlimited tenderness that it spreads in its path.

Its padded body can measure up to 22 inches and weigh a maximum of sixty-six pounds in its adult stage.

But we must recognize that although it is a loving dog fun and very playful throughout its life.

The Shar-Pei reaches the peak of tenderness when it is a puppy from its funny style to walking with its little legs its little ears and straight tail everything and it will make you fall in love even when it gets angry.

Playing with the ball it’s totally adorable and this dog with Asian roots has all the elements to steal your heart.

Come on just let yourself go and enjoy its incomparable company you will not regret a second of it.


BEAGLE is 9th in our cutest dog breeds. If we must talk about a dog that is pure charisma and that only radiates positivity.

It is a fact that the chosen one will be extraordinary.  BEAGLE this small hound is the perfect size to live in a medium house.

This because of its compact body measures between 13 to 16 inches to the withers and weighs between 17 to 35 pounds.

It’s very important to take it for a walk often to avoid for it to get a piece. Because this breed has a tendency to get fat.

So dust off those sneakers and run some laps in the park with your little bundle of love. Remember that it is a playful par excellence and like the innate hunter. It is pleased to play fetch with its owner.

If you play with this canine beauty you will have guaranteed fun for hours. But don’t let its wild instincts confuse you it is very delicate and it loves to be part of the family even if it can only be with you.

For a maximum of 15 years its maximum time of life. So take full advantage of all the tenderness of this little one which will be the most beautiful thing you will ever see in your life.


CHOW CHOW is in number 8th position in our list.

This is the fiercest of all the dogs or well the one that could be with its appearance of a lion but for its sake and ours, it is extremely tender welcome to the CHOW CHOW.

This cute stuffed dog has a body that has a height to the withers of up to 22 inches and a weight that borders 66 pounds.

When it’s only a puppy it radiates happiness and tenderness. Its most outstanding characteristics being its graceful way of walking and it’s curious black or bluish tongue.

At this age, it is essential to teach them to be educated so that it always adopts a good character thus becoming the most faithful dog you could know it’ll be your best friend.


Pomeranian is one of the most popular toy dogs in the world due to its sweet expression and plush appearance.

Many end up caught by this breed and decide to adopt it either to enjoy a loyal dog or because it is hypoallergenic.

Without a doubt that is an excellent companion who will bring you joy and happiness every day.

The origins of this Spitz-type dog are European and perhaps, for this reason, it is widespread in Spain, the United Kingdom or Germany.

Unlike the old Pomerania that weight around 51 pounds at present its weight is about four and six pounds.

Despite its small size, it has a loud bark which makes it an excellent watchdog.

But don’t worry that bark will not stun you what will get all your attention are the incomparable acrobatics and tricks that it does to steal your heart.

One of the best representatives of this breed is jiff pump. Don’t curse you lightly like them but also by earning a Guinness record as the fastest dog to walk on two legs.

It’s a combination of audacity and extreme tenderness.


Look at this canine beauty it has the most impressive afro in the world but not only does it have a spectacular coat.

It’s also a very intelligent dog and extremely playful with a small body that does not exceed 12 inches and it’s extremely light with its almost 11 pounds of weight.

The Bichon freezes to become your best adventure companion. It just wants you to give it a lot of love and attention come on a throw that ball it just wants to play with you.

If you thought that having that Bashan freeze was going to be a pain because of its abundant and curly fur.

Let us tell you that you don’t have to worry at all this little one has a fur that is so curly that it hardly sheds at all.

Now if you want to know how to recognize the Bashan freeze and differentiated from other hairy dogs it’s very easy the only color that this breed has according to the International Cenacle Federation is white.

This adorable canine does not have more colors than white that is if you see that it runs almost flies and it’s an extremely white puppy with envy of all afro is without a doubt a Bashan freeze.


Now we introduced you to the most robust of all tender dogs the plump French Bulldog.

This canine is easily recognized by its two most notable character hogs. It’s graceful ears and its flattened face in addition to having a body that does not weigh more than 31 pounds.

Although it’s standard size is not specified it should be as close as possible to its weight. The French Bulldog has a good-natured and affectionate temperament becoming easy to care for the pet.

Believe it or not, this puppy doesn’t need much exercise an ideal size and weight and having healthy habits will be good enough.

It adapts easily to live with a new family and is very attached to its owner so it will always try to hypnotize him with its dazzling tenderness.


Yorkshire Terrier is known as one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. The Yorkshire Terrier comes to melt you with tenderness by its mere presence.

You don’t have to do much just get in front of it and it will be that sweet and playful puppy that it always is.

But if you have a big dilemma between petting them or not because you are a little allergic to their fur don’t give it another thought you can hug it as long as you want.

Because the Yorkshire Terrier is a hyper allergenic dog. With this, you can bid adieu to those constant sneezing and all you will need to worry about is having enough energy to give it all the love and affection it demands.

This small dog measures between 5 to 13 inches can weigh from 6 to 15 pounds really light which means you can take it everywhere.

03. PUG

PUG is in the 3rd position in our top 10 cutest dog breed. It looks so tremendous with his big eyes.

It’s will steal your heart ok it’s too late we love you and how not with all the tenderness that it houses in

With that little body, it does not exceed 12 inches with the hypnotizing look.

The Pug can control you to the point that you just want to love it 24 hours a day. It’ll be your duty tremendous sacrifice that you will have to do play with him give him relaxing sponge baths that it enjoys so much.

It sleeps as if there was no tomorrow and gives it unlimited watermelon it’s their guilty pleasure.

You will love taking care of it if you have it as a companion it’s only presence will gladden you not only on a day but all throughout its life.

But just as it can be very sweet and affectionate sensitive is a puppy it can also be very chameleon it throughout.

Its life is so versatile that you will never get bored and it’s fun guaranteed.


Now meet one of the dogs that are not only one of the most tender but also the one that has the best AAS Welsh Pembroke Corgi.

This is one of the most beloved members of royalty and if you don’t believe us you can ask queen Elizabeth ii herself who has had more than 30 corgis throughout her monarchy.

The love of the Queen for this breed is so strong but the star escort of the monarch and a portrait set in a coin created especially for the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth.

The second was a Corgi a privilege that many dogs even people would like to have but if even the Queen herself succumbed to her charms why wouldn’t we and we can’t blame her.

These have all the beauty of a fox it’s long but a tiny body that does not exceed 12 inches in height but is able to play without any problem in the snow.

It also has short and funny legs allow it to swim pretty fast. It is the tenderest puppy you can see in this list.

Now if it did not convince you for good with his formidable and perfect smile it has an ace up its sleeve

Its ass just as you heard it’s round and fluffy bum will make you smile just let it do its magic voila.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel just by hearing its tremendous name you will imagine that we are not talking about just anyone but about a dog that has a golden cradle.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed that has always had a direct line with royalty since its inception designed to be an excellent company for high society.

With the body that is no longer than 13 inches. It is a super lightweight free that weighs up to 18 pounds making it easy to transport but don’t let their size and angel-like faces deceive you.

They are naughty and playful when comfortable this tender baby is one of the friendliest breeds to the point that if it sees a stranger at home will not bark at it with petting it will fall at your feet a real heartbreaker.

If you are a true dog lover and your heart melted with such tenderness.

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