Can Dogs Eat Bananas And Banana Bread?

Can Dogs Eat Bananas

Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Pet owners are always in the search of healthy and wholesome food for their pets. They can’t get themselves comfortable on giving these cute and loveable creatures anything other people told them. They like to do the whole search on which food and fruit are good for their pooch. As they love and care for them. Bananas are also healthy and good for dogs. … [Read more...]

Dogs That Don’t Shed – Popular Dog Breed For Non Shedding Dog’s

Dogs that don't Shed

Dogs are the loyal and cute creatures that become best friends with their owners. A Dog’s heart is full of kindness and love. Its body is covered with hairs that make them look more beautiful and cute. Some have short and some have long hairs. But a time comes when it shed its hairs a lot. Some people prefer dogs as their pets which do not shed hair. They don’t like to … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Healthy And Juicy Desirous Fruit

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Watermelon is a sweet juicy fruit having a thick covering of stripped green skin and has reddish soft flesh with a lot of black seeds. The scientific name of watermelon is Citrullus lanatus and it belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae which also contains cucumber, pumpkin, and squash. It takes only 3 months to grow from a seed to ripe watermelon. … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Eat Grapes? Sweet Tasty Fruit Poison For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Grapes

Grapes are green or black colored sweet and tangy berry like fruits. These are tasty and are consumed and loved by human beings but the problem that has risen from 2001 is that Are grapes toxic for dogs? As the dog care and health centers receive many complaints of grape and raisin poisoning. Since then, doctors and scientists are trying to find the cause of grape poisoning. … [Read more...]

Unraveling The Mystery Behind: Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? Dogs are without any doubt the most loving creation of God. They are the most devoted, caring and no lesser than human family members to us. When it comes to feeding time, like all other family members we want the best for our furry friends. People tend to spoil dogs with every left over on the table. Most of the dog lovers are keenly aware … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Eat Avocado? Can Dogs Eat Avocado Seeds?

Can Dogs Eat Avocado

Can Dogs Eat Avocado? Fruits have been always a good option to feed not only to humans but also to animals. Fruits contain vitamins, minerals and some have a lot of water content which is advantageous for both the species. Pet owners are always concerned about their dog’s diet and health. All market products are not good for your dog being a pet owner you should know what … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon Or Cinnamon Cookies? Is Cinnamon Bad For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon

Pet owners are always on different websites and stores, searching for foods and dog food stuff. It is because sometimes the dogs are not eating their meals. In this situation, cinnamon comes to your rescue. There are some problems regarding this topic as cinnamon is not a food. The main reason for writing this article is to end this confusion. So, Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon We … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Eat Bread? Does Bread Cause Obesity?

Can Dogs Eat Bread

Can Dogs Eat Bread? Bread is commonly used as a breakfast snack by most of the people all over the world. Most of the people love bread and they make different dishes using it. Bread is made by dough which can be of different types, salt, and sugar (these are the head ingredients). Other ingredients can be included depending on the type and taste of bread you want. Some … [Read more...]

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Do Grass Make Dogs Sick?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Grass is an important plant that is planted and bought up all over the world. It has economical importance. It is mostly eaten by many domesticated and wild animals. There are many varieties of grass. All these have different purposes. Grass belongs to the family Gramineae or Poaceae. This family has a wide range. Some grasses are used in the making of … [Read more...]

Tramadol For Dogs – Can Dogs Get Addicted To Tramadol?

Tramadol For Dogs

Dogs are active and lively animals that are loved by people and often live with them as their pet. People also love them for their naughty and adorable habits and activities. These creatures are so cute that you can’t help but love them, care for them. You love to see them wiggling their tails and playing around. They often got tangled in different things and love to be dirty. … [Read more...]