Can dogs eat plums?

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Can dogs eat plums

Well, dogs are among those canines that would grab anything to eat. If you have got a pup at your home, you will surely understand what I mean! Just show that you are eating something and with pup would snatch it away from you.

Be it fruits, veggies or nuts, your pup would urge to eat everything together. However, you must be careful about what you are feeding to your dogs. You must not give it out everything that it craves for.

Rather, you must be aware about the foods that you are offering to your pooch. Make sure about its safety issues and whether your pup is probable to go through any kind of health issue after consuming that particular item.

We are more likely to offer fleshy items to our puppies. When it comes to fruits, serving them a treat of bananas and apples is absolutely fine, but things get troublesome when you try experimenting with new items.

This is really a threat as you are not aware of the fact that if your pup’s body would be able to tolerate that food or digest the same. It is s truth and you need to understand that there lies a difference between us, the humans and these four-legged friends of us.

Not everything that seems healthy and nutritious for you will be the same for your puppy as well. In that case, it is usually advisable to go according to the recommendation of a veterinarian.

I see a lot of the veterinarians suggest not to give this purple and juicy fruits to your pup. This is probably because your dog may have digestion issues with the pit of the plum.

Do plums have any nutritional upsides?

Nothing is bad for your pup if you are giving it in the right way and in the right quantity. Approximately, 87% of the plums contain water, which will keep your dog hydrated and the presence of vitamin C in plums will boost up your dog’s immune system. However, take out the pit before offering it to your dog.

Why are plums not good as options for snacks to your pup?

The fundamental idea about plums, not being such a good option to your dog is that the plums may cause digestion troubles to your dogs.

The pit of the plums may upset your pup’s stomach leading the whole trouble to a serious issue by causing vomiting and diarrhoea, all due to indigestion. Also, just like the humans, the internal organs of a dog is also delicate.

Therefore, the pits seem to be sharp and pointed in nature which may cause damage to the oesophagus, stomach and the intestines of your pup. The pit may also cause a blockage in the pathway through the oesophagus. In order to avoid all such possible risks, it is usually said to avoid offering such objects to your pup.

Instead of adding nutrition to your pup’s diet, your dog would be threatened of serious health hazards. Such troubles are mostly common with smaller dogs or the puppies since they are too small to digest the ingested food materials appropriately.

Also, there remains a chance for them to swallow and then get the item stuck along their foodpipe.

However, if your dog is a large one, you must still avoid giving them plums as this may happen with it too. Other than that, why think of giving plums to your dog? You still have got a lot of better options of fruits and veggies to prepare your pup’s evening treat, ensure offering those that is absolutely healthy and free from all sorts of risks for causing any trouble to it.

Why are plums harmful for dogs?

The fleshy part of the plum is totally fine for ingestion and if you indeed want your dog to have a note of this juicy fruits, you can offer a little bit of that fleshy coat of the plum to your dog, but make sure that it does not get the pit in any way.

The reason behind it, i have already stated, that the sharp object may harm its internal organs. Other than that, it has been observed that when the pit is crushed, it released a harmful chemical compound called the cyanide, which in turn, proves to be toxic to the dogs. Therefore, it is definitely better if you can keep your pup away from plums.

A small bite of the fleshy part of the plum can go fine, provided that it is neither overripe nor fermented. Another important thing that I would like to mention in this context is that you must always avoid offering canned food items to your pup.

This is because these packed food items contain huge amounts of sugar which is not at all healthy for your doggie!

Symptoms you may see if your pet has consumed the whole plum along with the pit:

Notice the symptoms properly in order to ensure providing the right information to the veterinaria. If your pup has consumed the entire plum along with the pit, there may be some added risks. Such symptoms usually include:

  • Signs of stomach pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Depressed energy
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Skin irritation
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Coma

Measures to take for keeping your dog away from plums:

Since you have a lot of safe and healthy options for your dog, you must keep these plums away in a secure place, much away from the reach of your pet.

In case your dog has got a sweet tooth, you definitely have got other edible items to offer to it. Despite all your efforts, if your dog still ingests a plum, do not panic or experiment with it yourself.

Instead, try to find out that which portion of the fruit has it actually consumed. There is nothing to worry about if it has not consumed the pit. In case it did, call for a veterinarian to get your dog treated safely.

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