Can Dogs Eat Bread? Does Bread Cause Obesity?

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Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Bread is commonly used as a breakfast snack by most of the people all over the world. Most of the people love bread and they make different dishes using it. Bread is made by dough which can be of different types, salt, and sugar (these are the head ingredients). Other ingredients can be included depending on the type and taste of bread you want. Some people think of it as nutritional food stuff but bread has no such nutrients on the base of which it can be considered nutritious. Bread is a filler foodstuff. It does not give you any nutritional benefit but it may taste delicious and yummy. For humans, any type and taste of bread are safe and healthy but for dogs, it is uncertain to some pet owners. They have a question in their mind and this is even asked veterinary doctors that,

Can Dogs Eat Bread?

The answer of this question can be studied in this article. It gives thorough information related to dog and bread.

Can Dogs Eat Bread?

The answer to this question is YES but there are few restrictions. It is okay for your poodle to eat bread, bread tastes delicious and not only humans but dogs also like it. They may give you their cute puppy eyes and pout to get them. You can give them bread as it is safe for them to eat. The important thing about it is the quantity of bread your dog consumes. You should give it only a few bites as a full loaf of bread is not good for it. If your dog has gluten problem then gluten free bread are also available in the market.

Can Dogs Eat Bread

Best Bread Types For Dogs

Yes, dogs can eat bread but not all the varieties of bread are good for them. There is a type of bread which is best for your dog.

  • WHOLE GRAIN BREAD is best for your poodle.
  • It is a type of brown bread.
  • It has low sugar content.
  • It contains dietary fiber.
As sugar is not good for dogs, so this bread is better than any other bread.

  • Your pooch will also like PUMPKIN BREAD.
  • Your dog will love to eat and chew it.

Bread Types For Dogs

Bread That Should Not Be Allowed To Dogs

There are many types of bread. Chefs are trying new and advanced recipes to make bread which the customers love. These kinds of bread are safe and healthy for humans but they can be dangerous and fatal for dogs.

Following are some bread types having different ingredients,

  1. Raisin bread
  2. Onion and garlic bread
  3. Chocolate bread

Bread That Should Not Be Allowed To Dogs

Raisin Bread

It contains raisins, which is a dried off the grape. Grapes are harmful for dogs. It can trouble the functioning of kidney.  So, bread having raisins is also not safe for dogs. It should not be given to dogs.

Raisin Bread

Onion And Garlic Bread

Onions are harmful for dogs. These are prohibited. Same is the deal with garlic. So, bread composed of onion and garlic is also harmful for dogs. It can harm red blood cells in the dog. It may interfere with its blood supply. It must be kept away from dogs. Garlic bread can cause stomach pain, dehydration, diarrhea, and frailty.

Onion And Garlic Bread

Chocolate Bread

Chocolate is listed among the foods that are prohibited for dogs. Humans especially females love chocolate but giving your dog chocolate bread might be hazardous for it. Even bread having small chocolate chips on them should not be given to them.

Chocolate Bread

Can Dogs Eat Bread With Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter is one of the favorite foods stuff. It is eaten with or without anything. It is also applied on bread to eat. It doubles the taste of bread and it becomes more appealing. Humans can eat it but can dogs eat bread with peanut butter?

Peanut butter has peanuts which belong to the category of pulses. Peanut butter is good for dogs and they also like it very much but it should be given in small quantity. You can give it peanut butter applied on bread as treat.

Peanut butter is sweet and contains sugar; which in large amounts is not good for dogs.

Peanut butter is good as it contains antioxidants, vitamins, quality fats, and proteins. It has omega-3-fatty acid which aids in reducing cholesterol level.

Can Dogs Eat Bread With Peanut Butter

Can Dogs Eat Bread With Butter?

Butter is made from agitated milk and dense cream. Butter is yummy. It’s tastes and color depend on the milk of the animal. It can be applied on bread and it makes the bread delicious and softer.  Dogs can eat butter applied bread.

It is not harmful but it contains fats and sugar content which is not good for overweight and idle dogs.

It can increase their weight.

Dogs having lactose intolerance might become sick because they can’t digest it which causes problems.

Bread With Butter

Does Bread Cause Obesity?

Not all the bread make your dog obese.

Whole grain bread, a brown bread does not cause obesity.

The bread containing a lot of sugar content can cause obesity if given more.

If your dog is already obese or it is lethargic, giving it bread other than brown bread can cause obesity.

Does Bread Obesity

What Happens When A Dog Eats A Loaf Of Bread?

If a dog eats a loaf of bread and does not show any sign of discomfort in 24 hours then you should not worry.

A loaf of whole grain bread also is not harmful to it.

If it eats any kind of bread prohibited or with a lot of sugar content, showing signs of uneasiness then you should consult your vet.

Loaf Of Bread

Health Benefits Of Bread

It is true that bread has no nutritional benefits but some varieties of bread may be important from the nutritional point of view.

  • Whole wheat or whole grain bread is nutritious. It contains low sugar content.
  • Some good brands of bread make bread containing a high content of protein, iron, magnesium and omega-3-fatty acid.
  • Some bread has dietary fiber; these are also good for your pooch.
  • It also helps a dog having stomach illness or diarrhea.
  • Barf has also listed bread in the list of food which can help dog during diarrhea.

Health Benefits Of Bread


  • Your dog should not be allergic to wheat as giving it bread, in this case, can be risky.
  • Check the sugar content as high sugar level is not good for dogs especially for diabetic and obese (lazy) dogs.
  • Regular exercise should be ensured.
  • Don’t make bread the part of its daily diet.
  • Bread having mold on it or partly rotten are dangerous for dogs as these can cause toxicity in dogs.
  • Raisins and nuts are also dangerous for dogs so beware when your pooch is around.



In this article, a very common question is discussed that is, Can dogs eat bread?

Can dogs eat bread?

Yes, they can. Bread is not harmful for dogs. It can be given to them in small pieces. Pooch loves to eat bread and the pet owner also remains satisfied.

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