Black German Shepherd – Breed Information, Price, Facts, Loyal Or Not

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A lot of people are confused about Black German Shepherd dogs.

Some of them have a negative stigma on this some of them think they are mix breed.

Now I am going to clear all your confusion and also give you some essential information about this dog.

It can be simply said that dogs are dogs but each breed differs in some distinct features and characteristics.

Each breed of dogs has specific characters and traits that make them different from others.

The Black German Shepherd breed gets its origin from Germany. These were known as working dogs.

These dogs were previously called ALSATIAN in Britain.

Black German shepherds are cunning, beautiful and intelligent dogs.

They are powerful and have worked in a lot of fields including security, acting, taking care of babies and fighting in wars.

There are many stories and chatters on this breed.

Some people think that Black German shepherd is rare because of their coat color and uniqueness.

These have straight hair. These can be the large-sized dog; height ranging from 24 to 26 inches.

These are great guarding dogs.  These are the dogs that also aid disabled and helpless people.

Black German Shepherds Puppies; Born Black

Black German Shepherd Puppies

Puppies are the cutest creatures that have the power to attract your attention in a couple of seconds.

Black German shepherd puppy is also cute.

It is not like other German shepherd puppies that are born with different colors and get their permanent color after a couple of weeks.

German shepherd puppies get their permanent color after 8 weeks of birth but black German shepherd puppies are born black and remain black all over the time.

These are beautiful and you fell in love with them instantly.

For upraising a healthy and beautiful puppy you have to be careful of important points.

  • They need a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • They also need regular checkups and vaccination.
  • Regular exercise and training are also necessary.
  • Brushing and grooming (nail cleaning and cutting, trimming hairs, ear and teeth cleansing) are also essential.
  • These also require comfortable and healthy environment, large area for playing and running freely.

Black German Shepherd Breeds

Black German shepherd has a lot of qualities. These are also known as the working dogs. These also play a supporting role in one’s life.

These love their companions. People looking for black German shepherds mostly go for the pure breed but some German shepherds also give birth to black German shepherd.

It can be hereditary as in the past their ancestors may be mated with the black German shepherd and the descended have the recessive genes in them which then leads to the birth of black German shepherd after a while.

When you are buying a black German shepherd puppy make sure it is 8 weeks older as they get their permanent color at this age.

Some breeders are after money so they may give you the puppy of another breed.

Always beware of such breeders, real breeders will contact you and will meet you in person.

They make sure that they are giving their puppy to someone responsible and that he can take good care of their puppy.

  • AKC Breeders are good in such dealings you can trust them.

Black German Shepherd Breeds

How much does a black german shepherd cost ?

Black German shepherd dogs are beautiful and also considered rare.

They have a good and pleasant nature and because of all their traits and unique color, these are expensive dogs.

The cost of anything is based on the value that you place is on it. it has no longer value without for that. A pure black german shepherd puppies from a breeder will cost you almost 600$ and up some are over 2000$ to order flat-out from Germany.

I don’t know of any good breeder where you could get one for less that 600$. You also have to assume for vet expenses especially the 1st year. A german shepherd young puppy will require shots and vet checks usually once a month until 4 months old, then annually for a healthy dog. You also need to plan for neuter costs. By performance any dog should be on monthly heart-worm prevention.

There are breed specific rescue groups everywhere you can find a dog for much less. They usually are a little older than a brand new puppy but there are advantages. Most of the time the dogs will have had all shots and either have been neutered or if the puppy isn’t old enough yet they will usually give you a discount or coupon to have that done.

Actually most will require it as part of the receiving process. They will have a good idea of each german shepherd dogs personality before you adopt so that can be a great help choosing a dog.

So you want to buy a black german shepherd dog into your home. Probably it’s the memory of watching as a kid or a police dog spring to action.  They are certainly a picture of strength, talent, train-ability, and honor with desire the whole world often as the preferred breed for many types of work as like disability support, search-and-saving, police and military roles, and even performance.

The price also gets higher if the dog has a long coat with more silky and beautiful hair.

This is a valuable breed and worth of the amount you give but always beware of bad breeders and dealers.

It is the cost is usually,

$700 to $2000,

While the price of a German shepherd is

$300 to 900 Indeed,

it is an expensive dog breed.

Black German Shepherd Price

German Shepherd Temperament; Nice And Calm

  • German shepherd dogs have strength, wisdom, and valor.
  • These are energetic dogs; love to play and move around.
  • They need regular exercise and brain activities to sharpen their mental health.
  • These are laconic and reserved, does not cause much fuss.
  • These get attached to their owner and gets worried when he is not around.
  • When it is nervous he starts barking and fussing around.
  • Black German shepherd needs early socializing and crate (cooperative and friendly) exercise to get used to the people around it other than its owner so that when he or she is not around they don’t get mad and worried.
  • These should be introduced to all the people with whom it is going to encounter frequently and also allowed to play with other dogs of the streets.
  • It will let him befriend with others.
  • Black German shepherds are calm and nice dogs if they are given early age socializing as they are violent and too defensive of their owners.
  • These shed a lot of hair also; these need regular brushing and you have to vacuum your house on daily basis.
  • These love to swim but are not fond of taking a bath; it isn’t necessary until they need it as more bathing can cause damage to their beautiful hair coat.
  • These have a powerful aura which might make people afraid but these are nice friends.
  • Black German shepherds that are slightly older have an issue with making friends and usually take time in befriending with others.

German Shepherd Temperament

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids; Can They Take Care Of Babies And Kids?

Black German dogs are nice and get along with babies and kids.

These are responsible baby caretakers.

These just need to spend a nice amount of time with them. When you allow them to play and stay around your children they bond with them.

These are protective and possessive by nature; when they get along with someone they become defensive over them.

So, these are responsible dogs.

German shepherd dogs are often gentle and soft with babies and kids. These love to be around them.

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids

Are German Shepherds Dogs With Other Dogs?

German shepherd dogs are capable of making friends and accepting them.

If you have other pets and now you want a black German shepherd dog then you can get one without worrying that he will not behave nicely with others.

These dogs just need to spend a lot of time with the others.

Observe them and you will see that they become friends with others.

They all will live happily even black German shepherd dogs will protect them from danger.

Are German Shepherds Dogs With Other Dogs

German Shepherd Facts

German shepherds dogs are charming and desirable. There are many important and fascinating facts about this breed with people should be aware of.

  • It is the 2nd most famous breed in the Unites States of America.
  • It comes on 3rd number in the list of intelligent and cunning dogs.
  • It bites holds strength equal to 86 newton, in other words, 238 pounds of force whereas human bite force is only 86 pounds.
  • Its German name was DEUTSCHE SCHAFERHUNDE which then later changed to German shepherd dog (GSD).
  • There are 250000 pure breeds of German shepherd in Germany. The academic growth of puppies is 15000.
  • Their average lifespan is 10 to 14
  • Some German shepherds are known as Panda shepherds due to their unusual pigmentation.
  • German shepherd dogs have a double layered hair coat; outer layer sheds hair all of the time.
  • In 1920’s, RIN TIN TIN a German shepherd acted in 27 films of Hollywood. He was a famous celebrity.
  • After him, STRONG came into the picture. He also was a famous celebrity and acted in a number of black and white Hollywood movies.
  • A German shepherd named as BUDDY was the first guiding dog…
  • A German shepherd that lived in Argentina named as CAPTAIN stayed at the grave of its owner for 7 years crying and being sad.
  • In First World War, a German shepherd bought 54 injured soldiers. His name was FILAX OF LEWANNO.
  • These are extremely loyal and are also called as one person breed.

German Shepherd Facts

German Shepherd Dogs Dysplasia

This breed can encounter hip and elbow dysplasia.

This disease can be genetic so being the owner you don’t play a part in it.

Some intelligent breeders first take dysplasia test before the pairing off the program.

You can give your German shepherd dog exercises on daily basis and pain reducers.

Following are the symptoms of dysplasia,

  • Joint inflexibility
  • Limping walk
  • Pain

Black German Shepherds


Black German shepherd dogs are strong, defensive and possessive dogs.

You can become their friends. Adopting them is also not difficult these get along easily. These are active dogs and you will love them.

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